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Duvet (Clean)

Duvet (Clean)

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At ASTAMR , we offer a specialized cleaning service for down duvets, perfectly adapted to preserve the duvet's quality, warmth and comfort. We understand that a down duvet is an important investment for your sleeping comfort, and that regular cleaning is necessary to maintain a healthy and hygienic sleeping environment.

Our cleaning process for down comforters is designed to gently remove dust, allergens and stains, while maintaining the loft and softness of the down. We use environmentally friendly and gentle cleaning methods that are particularly suitable for the delicate down filling, ensuring that your duvet retains its fluffiness and insulating properties.

Whether your down comforter is a lightweight summer cover or a warm winter cover, our team of cleaning experts treat it with the utmost care. After cleaning, your duvet will be clean, fresh and ready to give you a comfortable and invigorating sleep.

Choose ASTAMR for professional cleaning of your down duvet, and experience the comfort and freshness of a well-maintained duvet every night.

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We take responsibility for the quality of our services, but we cannot guarantee the results of repairs or cleaning.

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  • Fixes up to 90% of items of clothing and takes responsibility for damage during repair.
  • No return rules for cleaning - the customer is responsible for the garments they send us.
  • Free return if the customer is not satisfied with the tailoring service. We are not responsible for incorrect measurements.