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TEXI ART AUTO PREMIUM EX Automatic 1-needle lockstitch

TEXI ART AUTO PREMIUM EX Automatic 1-needle lockstitch

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Automatic 1-needle lockstitch sewing machine for light and medium materials, with additional possibility of sewing decorative stitches.

Equipped with a bottom feed controlled by a stepper motor, which allows the use of programmable, decorative designs, selected on a touch screen. Possibility to freely program different patterns consisting of stitches sewn in a straight line in front-back sequence.

The machine is able to store up to 9 patterns that can be configured on the machine's panel.

Patterns can consist of a maximum of 16 steps, each step can have maximum 20 stitches. Length of individual stitch is:

forwards sequence: 0 to 5 mm

backwards sequence: 0 to -5 mm

Texi Art Auto is equipped with innovative material thickness sensor that automatically reduces sewing speed when sewing several layers of fabrics or cross seams. It reduces the risk of needle breakage and helps to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the stitches.

The machine, as a standard, is equipped with automatic functions:

- needle positioning

- programming of decorative designs

- material thickness sensor

- thread cutting, controlled by a stepper motor

- foot lift, controlled by a stepper motor, can be operated by pedal and knee lifter (lifting up to 10 mm)

- programming a two-stage lift height

- programming the size of the initial and end stitch

- designing sewing sections with function of programming stitch length of individual sections

- initial stitch controller

- voltage 220-240V

- built-in energy-saving AC Servo 550 W motor

- 30 cm clearance between needle bar and machine's arm

Additional features:

- modern, closed lubrication system equipped with oil level sensor, which signals its low level with a sound

- large touch screen and built-in USB socket that can be used to charge and power external devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet)

- integrated 3-stage energy-efficient LED lamp.

Texi Art Auto is equipped with an energy-saving AC Servo motor, a control box, control panel and a switch, built into the head of the machine (mechatronic machine). Thanks to the integration of all elements, the machine works quietly and without adverse vibrations. The AC Servo motor consumes up to 70% less energy than a conventional electronic motor or clutch motor.

Bottom feed, maximum sewing speed - 4 500 spm, recommended optimal sewing speed - 4000 spm. Maximum stitch length is 5 mm. Modern system of heat removal from the engine and control module.


Texi industrial lockstitch machines have 2-year, full warranty.

Each machine comes with:

TEXI 135x5 080 10 pieces of Texi needles.

- STAND TEXI PREMIUM SILVER - steel, stable and durable universal stand with height adjustment. Powder painted in silver colour RAL 9006, which matches Ergolinia chairs line.

- TABLE TOP TSM PREMIUM - the highest quality table top made of birch plywood, which perfectly damps vibrations. PREMIUM table top surface is coated with a special laminate with a structure suitable for the textile industry. Maximum resistance to damage, abrasion, splinters and also to moisture. Sides protected by ABS slats. TEXI PREMIUM table tops do not contain harmful ingredients.

TEXI Vario 8 set of quality enhancing and work facilitating accessories - set of quality enhancing and work facilitating accessories

Product features

Kit: set

1-needle lockstitch for materials: light and medium

Type of feed: bottom

Automatic thread trimming: yes

Automatic needle positioning: yes

Automatic foot lifter: yes

Automatic bartacking: yes

Wiper: no

Stitch compensation button: yes

Side trimmer: no

LED lighting of working field: yes

Max. stitch length: 5.0 mm

Presser foot lift height: 10 mm

Max. sewing speed: 4500 s.p.m.

Built-in AC Servo motor: yes

Needle system: 135X5

Table top: standard 105 x 50 cm

Warranty period: 24 months

Kit: complete set


Lockstitch sewing machine with decorative stitches

TEXI ART AUTO - user manual

TEXI ART AUTO - parts book

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