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Now you can embroider even more!

6-head, 12-needle industrial, compact embroidery machine. Perfect for plain embroidery, embroidery on caps and ready garments. Open space under the hoop, makes embroidery on big elements easy, without creases on the embroidered material. Cylindrical arm is useful for embroidering on ready products and a big variety of standard hoops helps to optimize work. During usage of one of hoops, another one can be prepared for a new job. Sturdy base's wheels allow easy transport of the machine.

Technical specification:

- 6-head

- 12 needles/colors (threads)

- Max. hoop size: up to 400 x 450 mm

- 10 hoops in standard for each head (5 sizes):

1) 2 x circular, diam. 90 mm,

2) 2 x circular, diam. 120 mm,

3) 2 x circular, diam. 150 mm,

4) 2 x circular, diam. 200 mm,

5) 2 x square 290 x 290 mm,

- Suitable for embroidery on flats, caps, finished garments and more!

- Perfect for established and growing embroidery businesses

- 10.4-inch HD LCD touch-screen panel

- Newly developed small sewing arm for high-quality embroidery on caps and small items

- Heavy duty steel frame with wheels to ensure both stability and mobility

- Thread break detection

- Maximum speed: 1000 SPM

- Memory capacity: 50 million stitches or 200 designs

- External 100° button and trimming button

- emergency switch

- Machine reads multiple design formats, such as DST, DSB and more

- 270° wide angle cap system

- Environmentally friendly packaging

- USB input

- Automatic color change

- Pre-sewn design trace capable

- DC36V micro-step motor for X & Y axis driving to ensure low noise and less vibration

- Preset hoops to avoid hitting hoop frames

- Frame offset and frame outlining available for easy appliqué embroidery

- Multi-angle, rotatable and adjustable control panel bracket allows for better visibility

- Recessed USB port to protect USB flash drive

- One-step trace button directly on main screen

- Optional laser trace device available

- Emergency stop button

- Multiple hoop sizes for variety of embroidery needs

- Automatic memory retention

- Automatic thread trimmer

- machine's sizes: 3300 x 1300 x 1780 mm

- 150 W energy saving SERVO motor

- power supply: 220-240V or 110V / 50-60Hz

- weight 750 kg

High Definition True Color 10.4" LCD Touch Screen

Panel features

- User-friendly interface

- Easy to operate

- New ergonomic touch screen allows easy and comfortable operation by right hand thumb

- Preset hoop parameters, which are designed to avoid hitting hoop frames

- Frame offset and frame outlining available for easy appliqué embroidery

- Multi-angle, rotatable and adjustable control panel bracket allows for better visibility

- Pre-sewn design trace capable

- Automatic One-step trace button directly on main screen

- External 100° button and trimming button

- Automatic thread trimmer

- USB input or direct transmission from PC via LAN port or wireless

- Networkable and Wi-Fi capable

- Thread break detection

- Multiple languages: English, Polish, Chinese, Spanish, Portugese, Turkish, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic and moreor change

For this machine we recommend SCHMETZ needles, system DBXK5 in proper sizes.

1 year warranty

Product features

Number of heads: 6

Needles quantity of embroidery machine: 12

Max. embroidery area: 400 x 450 mm

Touch screen: Yes

Max. sewing speed: 1000 s.p.m.

Needle system: DBXK5



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