Introduserer NaturPrint: Din destinasjon for bærekraftig trykk og gjenbruk av klær.

Introducing NaturPrint: Your destination for sustainable printing and clothing reuse.

Welcome to our blog, where we are pleased to introduce NaturPrint - your destination for sustainable printing and clothing reuse. At NaturPrint, we combine over 30 years of experience in recycling and reuse from ASTAMR Sewstue Og Renseri with modern printing technology to offer unique garments with an environmentally friendly twist.

Our main focus has always been repairing clothes for reuse, and now we're taking it a step further by offering custom prints that help you express your style while contributing to a more sustainable future. At NaturPrint, it's about giving clothes a second chance and reducing textile waste.

To ensure sustainable production, we use water-based and environmentally friendly inks in our prints, which reduces the use of harmful chemicals and minimizes our carbon footprint. We also aim to be part of the solution to preserving nature by donating part of our profits to build nature-friendly parks and projects. By shopping at NaturPrint, you become part of this joint effort.

Our range includes a wide selection of clothing, from t-shirts and jumpers to trousers and more. What sets our products apart from others is that they have been carefully selected from our reusable range. You not only get a style that stands out, but you also help to reduce textile waste and promote a more sustainable fashion industry.

We encourage you to join us on the journey towards a greener future. Explore our range of printed clothing and let your style reflect your values. We believe that sustainable fashion can be both stylish and responsible - at NaturPrint it is both.

Follow our blog for more information, inspiration and updates about our commitment to sustainable printing and reusing clothes. Together we can make a difference, one click at a time.

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