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The Art of Stain Removal: Mastering Fabric Care

Stains on your favorite garments can be discouraging, but they don't have to be permanent. Whether it's a spill of red wine on a white shirt or a grass mark on your jeans, understanding the art of stain removal is essential to keeping your clothes looking their best. In this guide, we'll share expert tips for tackling common stains on different fabric types, and we'll let you know when it's time to call in ASTAMR 's professionals.

Stain Removal Basics:

Shop Fast:

The sooner you address a stain, the better your chances of removing it. Delaying can allow the stain to set, making it more difficult to remove.

Identify the Spot:

Knowing what caused the stain is half the battle. Different substances require different treatment methods.

Test First:

Before applying a solution, test it on an inconspicuous area of ​​the fabric to ensure it will not cause damage.

Common Stains and How to Remove Them:

Oil and Fat:

Sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on the stain to absorb the oil. After a few hours, brush off the powder and carefully apply a stain remover before washing.

Red wine:

Dab (do not rub) the stain with a clean cloth to remove as much wine as possible. Apply a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and washing-up liquid and wash as usual.


Place a paper towel under the stain and dab it with rubbing alcohol. The ink should transfer to the paper towel. Repeat until the ink is gone, then wash.


Rinse the stain under cold water, apply a pre-treatment stain remover, then wash in the hottest water the fabric can handle.


Pre-treat the stain with a heavy-duty detergent, then wash in the hottest water safe for the fabric.

When to seek ASTAMR 's Professional Help:

Ingrown Spots:

If a stain has been washed and dried, it may have set into the fabric. Professionals have techniques and solutions that can often remove these stubborn stains.

Delicate Fabrics:

Silk, wool and other delicate fabrics require special care. If you are unsure how to treat a stain on such materials, it is best to consult a professional.

Large or Complex Spots:

Some stains are too large or complex for home treatment. Professional dry cleaners can assess and treat the stain with appropriate methods.

Stain removal is an art, but with the right knowledge and tools, it's one you can master for most common stains. But when stains are stubborn, ingrained, or on delicate fabrics, it's time to turn to the experts. Our professional cleaning and stain removal services are designed to keep your garments looking impeccable. Don't let a stain stand in the way of wearing your favorite outfit again.

ASTAMR sewing room and dry cleaning:

Got a stubborn stain that won't go away? Visit our online store or one of our branches in Bergen for professional cleaning and repair of clothes. Let us take the hassle out of stain removal for you!
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