Klærreparasjon 101: DIY (Do it yourself)-reparasjoner og Når du Skal Ringe Proffene.

Clothing Repair 101: DIY (Do it Yourself) Repairs and When to Call the Pros.

In the spirit of sustainability and to give our beloved garments a longer life, mastering basic clothing repair is a valuable skill in today's throw-away culture. From loose buttons to minor tears, there are several repairs you can easily handle at home with just a few tools and a little patience. However, some damage requires professional help to restore the items to their former glory. In this blog we will guide you through simple repair tips you can do at home and help you identify when it is time to visit our experts at ASTAMR .

DIY Clothes Repair Tips:

Sew On a Button:

Lost a button? No problem! Thread a needle with matching thread, attach the button by making an "X" pattern with your stitches, and tie the thread securely at the back.

Fixing a Seam:

If the seam on your pants or skirt has come undone, fold the fabric to the desired length, iron it flat, and use small, even stitches to reattach the seam. Invisible stitch techniques can make this repair almost invisible.

Men Small Tears:

For small tears, apply a thin layer of fabric glue between the torn edges and press until dry. For a stronger fix, use a needle and thread to make small stitches along the tear.

Cover Stains:

Sometimes a stain won't go away. Get creative by covering it with a patch, embroidery, or even a brooch for a personal touch.

When to Call the Pros:

Complex Tears and Tears: If the damage is located in a visible area or involves complex fabrics such as silk or wool, professional repair is necessary to ensure that the garment is not further damaged.


Whether it's resizing a garment or adjusting a more intricate part of your clothing like the collar or cuffs, alterations should be handled by skilled tailors to achieve a perfect fit.

Repair of Leather and Suede Leather:

Specialized materials require specialized care. For leather and suede, always consult a professional to avoid irreparable damage.

Clean off Stains:

Some stains, especially on delicate or clean-only fabrics, need professional treatment to be removed safely and effectively.

While DIY repairs can be a quick fix for minor problems, it's important to know when to seek professional help to preserve the life of your clothes. At ASTAMR, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality services, and ensuring that your wardrobe is always in its best condition. Whether you need a simple repair or a complex alteration, we're here to help your clothes look their best for years to come.

ASTAMR sewing room and dry cleaning:

Stumbled upon a repair that's out of your DIY league? Visit us to repair your clothes and let our experts take care of it for you. Keep your wardrobe sustainable and chic with our professional clothing repair service.

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